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A weekly gathering of volunteer members who meet in person to discuss the latest developments in the Ethereum ecosystem, funding mechanisms for public goods, and decision-making mechanisms.


Public Goods Focus


Members from inside and outside the team gather to discuss and study digital public goods and coordination.

From Theory To Practice


We not only have conceptual discussions, but also practical activities through outputs such as prototype development, hackathon participation, and article writing.


Discussions related to digital public goods can be traced back to discussions about public goods and the public. On the other hand, recent technological advances have been remarkable, and a great number of projects and concepts have been born. In light of this situation, we gather with volunteers from inside and outside the team to discuss and study digital public goods and coordination. A major feature is that we are not just focused on inputting knowledge, but are proceeding with the goal of producing some kind of output.

Themes Covered

  • - Partial Common Ownership / Harberger Tax
  • - Prediction Market
  • - Quadratic Funding
  • - Zero Knowledge Proof
  • - Money Streaming
  • - Restaking
  • - Conviction Voting


FHE Vickrey Auction - Scaling Ethereum 2024(Hackathon)

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