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An innovative platform that connects artists and their supporters through a decentralized community. It combines blockchain technology for accumulating and visualizing contribution histories with a data foundation to support artistic activities and promote collaboration. This project brings new value to the music industry.




We are working on the project with many stakeholders involved in the music industry.

For Independent Artists


We aim to support the free and diverse musical activities of independent artists.

Web2 × Web3


We organically combine the optimal technologies without being bound by a specific technology stack to achieve both usability and new experiences.


This project, in collaboration with HIP LAND MUSIC CORPORATION, aims to build a new music activity support platform for independent artists. In addition to conventional monetization methods, we introduce a point system, membership NFTs, and DAOs (Decentralized Autonomous Organizations) using blockchain technology, and organically connect them without depending on a specific technology stack, aiming to form a multifaceted and comprehensive ecosystem for artist support. We also aim to create a new form of listener participation by providing a mechanism for fans to directly support artists. Furthermore, it has the potential to create new revenue models through the circulation of points, advertising/sponsorship, and more wide reachout, and strengthen the economic foundation of the entire entertainment industry.


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