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Dig DAO is a community born from the Digital Agency's Web3.0 study group. It conducts research and development with NPOs, Civic Tech communities, and academia to enable effective funding for public goods.




DigDAO is operated and led by members who participate in DigDAO.



We are working on experimental activities beyond organizational boundaries, aiming to apply Web3 technologies such as DAOs to society.


We participate in weekly meetings to discuss the operation of DigDAO and various projects.

Currently, we are mainly working on the DigDAO Matching Donation Project. This is a project that is developing a Quadratic Funding (QF) platform in fiat currency (Japanese Yen), and is based on Simple Grants developed by Supermodular.


In this project, we are using QF as an initiative to propose and experiment with new models of funding for public goods. Ideally, when funding public goods, more support should go to what the users of the public goods truly need, but the current situation is not optimal. The traditional approach to sustainably maintaining and supplying public goods is for the government to take on that function, and it is left to centralized decision-making, so support is not always given to the projects that users want. We are focusing on QF to achieve more democratic and effective funding for public goods. The QF user experience is similar to crowdfunding, but there are some differences. While crowdfunding is purely the amount of donations, QF focuses on how much a project is supported by people. And the project that is supported by more people can receive more funding. This is based on Quadratic Voting (QV), a voting method adjusted so that the interest and influence of voters on a proposal are proportional. Like QV, QF also allows individuals to reflect their preferences by giving them more influence over projects they are more interested in. Through this project, we aim to provide funding in Japanese Yen through QF to public projects that are mainly active in Japan.

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