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Shinya Mori

Shinya Mori

Fracton Ventures Coordination Lead

He works as a researcher in public goods space in term of crypto. His focusing research areas are public goods funding, decision making process, and DAO governance by using blockchain. Furthermore, I co-founded GreenPill Japan which is a Japan chapter of GreenPill community inspired by Gitcoin, and I'm contributing to local communities for public goods. I work on educating and having experiences in public goods space of crypto side. Recently, he creates artworks and he tries to provide culture sustainably.

Focus Areas

public goodscryptoblockchain

Selected Activities

  • Speaker at Funding the Commons Taipei ( 2023/12 )
  • Speaker at Funding the Commons Berlin ( 2023/09 )
  • Speaker at Ethecon Korea ( 2023/09 )
  • Selected Publications

  • report A Retrospective Quantitative Review of Crypto Grants Programs ( 2024 )
  • report Positive Sum Design with Crypto ( 2023 )
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