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Naoki Akazawa

Naoki Akazawa

CTO, Fracton Ventures

In 2016, I embarked on a freelance software engineering journey, crafting applications powered by machine learning and blockchain technologies. My passion for these innovative domains led me to join FLOC Co., Ltd. in 2019, where I imparted my knowledge and developed comprehensive training programs for aspiring blockchain professionals. Driven by a desire to make a broader impact, I co-founded Fracton Ventures Co., Ltd. in late January 2021, assuming the role of CTO. At Fracton Ventures, I spearhead development projects, forge strategic partnerships, and oversee research initiatives, all with the aim of shaping the future of blockchain technology.

Focus Areas

blockchainpublic goodssocial impact

Selected Activities

  • Certified Evaluator by the Japan Evaluation Society ( 2024/03 )
  • Speaker at Code for Japan Summit 2023 ( 2023/10 )
  • Speaker at the Nippon Foundation event 'Challenging Social Issues with Technology - Case Studies Using Advanced Technologies' ( 2023/9 )
  • Instructor for DAY2 Blockchain/Cryptocurrency Basics Course, hosted by Newspics ( 2022/6 )
  • Completed the Master's Program in Management at the Graduate School of Social Sciences, Hiroshima University ( 2018/03 )
  • Selected Publications

  • book Contributor to 'Challenges of Japan and the World 2024: Exploring New Systems' ( 2024 )
  • book Co-author of 'Web3 and DAO: A New Economy Where Everyone Can Be a Protagonist' ( 2022 )
  • book Author of 'Learning Blockchain with Python: A New Textbook' ( 2019 )
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